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And The Winner Is...

Before I announce the winner of the inaugural Ned Ludd Memorial Trophy I'd like to thank everyone for their nominations and particularly those who contacted me individually. It is you who have had the biggest impact on deciding the winner.

As mentioned in a post on LinkedIn there were a number of you who got in touch saying you knew loads of potential nominees, but didn't want to cause problems since you have to work with them. They're a different part of your company, a supplier, a customer etc. It's natural not to want to cause conflict, but it's amazing how much pain people are prepared to put up with to avoid it.

Just know - if you're reading this there is about a 50% chance someone was thinking about nominating you...

You might think everything works perfectly, but your stakeholders don't. Introspection isn't easy, we know. You can ask your stakeholders or contact The Better Process Company about our soon to be launched Process Understanding Re-engineering Report & Suggestions (PURRS). Or it might be called the Process Evaluation Recommendations & Tasks (PERT)

Still got some details to work out.

Watch this space...

In a different LinkedIn post I noted that one anonymous person had nominated the entire igaming community. Based on many off-the-record chats with several people in various roles our swearing friend had a very valid point - "No one in gaming is [expletive deleted] good for [expletive deleted] sake"

So it is with great pleasure that the 2020 Ned Ludd Memorial Trophy is awarded to:


Face it... we all need to improve and change.

This creates two minor issues.

Firstly the nomination was anonymous, so we can't give them the £50 prize.

Secondly since we're all winners we need to find a way to split that £50 prize.

So we will have some little doohickey made and the first 50 people to contact me will get one. Not sure what they'll be yet, but something small and useful.

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