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We believe that you can't separate the process from the people who make it work.

Any tool by itself is useless. It needs people and they need to be using it in the best way possible to get the maximum value from both. 

Improving efficiency is largely about helping find a process that enables them to get more from the tools they have.

Naturally there is a process for process improvement.

A full project has three stages and while each stage is vital they can be tailored for your circumstances.

Through out the improvement project the focus is on how people are using the tools you have - we want you to get more out of your existing investments.

Traditional Library


We start by talking to people about what they do, how they do it - what their process actually is. From there we can build a picture of how things are working now.

We analyse the flow through the system being reviewed and how the team interact both with each other and the tools being used. 

If you don't know where you are starting from there is much more risk to any improvement journey. 

Business Meeting

Document & Decide

Everything that surfaces during the discovery phase will be documented in a Process Guide. This will include recommendations for improvements and outline plans for their implementation. Plans are built using frameworks and concepts from ITIL, ISO20000 and COBIT. There is no one-size-fits-all method for improving processes. Utilising a variety of methodologies allows us to pick the best fit for your unique circumstances.

All of this will be delivered to your stakeholders and together we can decide what to prioritise based on the effort needed, potential benefits and all the factors effecting your business


Deliver & Do

 Process improvement and efficiency gains aren't just an academic exercise. Everything needs to be put in to practice.

For The Better Process Company that means working with the teams to roll-out new process with the minimal impact on business as usual. It means being part of the team, available to answer questions or provide guidance. 

Once the team are using the process the project isn't over. We are here to help make sure everyone understands how it works and make any adjustments necessary

Regulated Industry Specialists

Regulated industries face more complexity and faster externally driven change. 

Our experience will help you make facing that as simple as possible

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