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Operations Review

Fixed Cost Review

With over two decades of experience in technology and operations, we can provide you with a review of any part of your operations and a plan to fix any problem areas. 

A review by an independent consultant gives you a fresh perspective and cross-industry experience. 


If you’re planning to grow it is essential to know that your operational models and structure can support that growth. An operations review will give you either the peace of mind of knowing everything is working optimally, or allow you to fix weaknesses before they derail your plans. 


We offer a fixed-price review of how those processes and workflows are meeting the changing needs of your business. We look at the workflows, teams and tools you’re using to see if there are any avoidable friction points or bottlenecks.


How well a process works impacts not only those doing the work but those who depend on the outputs of the team or interact with them. This outside perspective is key to finding possible friction points and where the biggest improvements might be made. So once we have an understanding of the goals of the workflow, we start by talking to the stakeholders. 


We also look at the documentation and tools being used to manage the process. Are all the steps sufficiently described? Are all the tools working together? How much manual work is needed to manage the process?


We then meet with the team carrying out the process. What are they doing that’s not in the documentation? How well do the tools support, or hinder the process? How is work prioritised and difficulties resolved?


Once discussions have concluded we produce a report detailing the actual process being used. It will include the stakeholder's perception of how well the process meets their needs and where there are issues in using the process for the team.

If you have plans for changes or growing the team the potential impact of those changes will be discussed.

Where problems are identified suggestions will be made for how to eliminate them or reduce their impact. 


The result of this review will be an unbiased view of how everything is going, from a fresh perspective and without any preconceived ideas.

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