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Building Scalable Teams

We fix the broken workflows and processes that are making your business slow and inefficient.

  • If your deliveries are being delayed due to missing items or bits of code - We can fix that.

  • If every release is as stressful as defusing a bomb - We can fix that.

  • If you're missing regulation deadlines or struggling to meet your regulatory requirements - We can fix that.

  • If your business has grown and nobody knows who does what anymore - We can fix that.

  • If you need to support new lines of business or new markets and you can't just hire a bunch more people - We can probably fix that.

  • If you're finding that nothing really works as well as it used to - We can fix that.

As skilled business change and transformation consultants, our mission is to make your company run better.

We specialise in delivering operational change and process improvements which in turn enable you to deliver greater efficiency, visibility and increased stakeholder satisfaction.

Your business has grown.
Your market has changed.
You’ve merged with another company.
Nothing seems to work the same anymore.
If any of these statements reflect your current situation,
The Better Process Company can help.

We provide quality business transformation, change, and operational model consultancy services throughout Europe.
We specialise in managing the challenges found in regulated sectors: igaming, blockchain, fintech.

The Better Process Company expertly handled the merging of our complex multinational incident management systems. Their collaborative process got the whole team to buy-in and resulted in a more efficient system with improved notifications, classifications and visibility. We plan on using them again.

Peter Meres, CTO BetKing.

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