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Are You a Growing Business? 
A Start-up or a Scale-up?

We understand the challenges you're facing.


You have an idea, you have a business plan, do you have an operations plan?


You know what you want to do, you have goals, targets and ambitions.  

You wrote a sales and marketing plan, but did you create plans for customer support, incident management, internal communications, onboarding, delivery (internal & external) or building and scaling teams?

Those things are your operational plan or operations model. 

This doesn’t have to be a huge document covering everything, just a few pages of guidance on how things will be done, by whom and in what circumstances.

The important part is having the right guidance.

This is what the Better Process Company can help you with.


Starting right and scaling effectively makes the difference between just working hard and working smart. It means being ahead of problems.

It means burning bright without burning out. 


We offer the following to help you be successful:

Do you want more efficient operations?

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Your business has grown.
Your market has changed.
You’ve merged with another company.
Nothing seems to work the same anymore.
If any of these statements reflect your current situation,
The Better Process Company can help.

We provide quality business transformation, change, and operational model consultancy services throughout Europe.
We specialise in managing the challenges found in regulated sectors: igaming, web3, fintech.

The Better Process Company expertly handled the merging of our complex multinational incident management systems. Their collaborative process got the whole team to buy-in and resulted in a more efficient system with improved notifications, classifications and visibility. We plan on using them again.

Peter Meres, CTO BetKing.

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